Mr. Spencer was the Keynote Speaker for the Virginia Occupational Therapy Association during our annual fall conference in 2018. Not only was he engaging, but he provided a personal story that fit so well with the profession of occupational therapy. Given his past and present experiences, he can no doubt relate to many varied professions as a speaker. I highly recommend Mr. Spencer without reservation as a keynote speaker and/or workshop presenter. He will capture your audience regardless of the size or type, and he will leave a positive and lasting impression with everyone, along with a bit of awe-inspiring magic!

Erin Clemens, OTR/L, BCP (VA) | Virginia Occupational Therapy Association

Kevin’s program focused on teaching magic tricks as a fun and motivational way to aide in the patient’s recovery. These magical tricks were used to elicit motivation, coordination, range of motion, prehension, fine motor coordination, and perceptual training for the recovery of our patients. All therapy staff members were in attendance as well as several patients at the Lawnwood Rehab Pavilion, our inpatient rehabilitation hospital. It was informative and fun for all, as well as thought provoking with new ways to challenge and encourage better participation in therapy for patients in recovery.

David Forest, COTA/L (FL) | Supervisor Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

I was in your class on using magic as a therapeutic tool and it was BY FAR the best class I have taken in a long time!!!! You are fantastic!!
Heather Stoner, COTA/L (CA)

The evaluations and feedback from participants is tremendously positive. Attendees were very impressed with the keynote address and the fact that Spencer offered a breakout session each day of the 2-day conference. They really enjoyed the hands on interactive type presentations. Comments ranged from ‘it was great to be able to take information back to the clinic that we could use right away with our clients’ to ‘we need to have MORE conferences on a State level like this one where the Keynote Speaker is available to everyone throughout the 2 days!’ We are proud to highly recommend you to other states that are planning conferences.
Judy Anderson, OTR/L (OH) | Ohio Occupational Therapy Association Conference Chair

Thank you for the great course. It was by far the most interesting and fun of the conference. I’ve already begun using what I learned and it is powerful stuff!
Tim Cuhna, OTR (CA)

I have to admit when I first saw the information about your course, I was reluctant to participate. All I can say now is that I am so glad I did! I would highly recommend your course to any rehab professional as it absolutely makes therapy more motivating and fun!
Karen Smith, OTR (NJ)

Kevin Spencer set new expectations this year as OTAC’s Keynote speaker! He captured the audience by connecting with everyone in the room, both professionally and personally, through his talents and his own therapy story. Therapists were stunned and motivated by his program, which includes simple and effective “tricks of the trade” that are easily applicable to client goals. Above all, he was relevant, engaging, inspiring, and approachable to all throughout our conference.
Akemi Davies, OTR/L (CA) | Occupational Therapy Association of California

The energy and active participation kept the participants engaged, thinking, and creative. I appreciated the fact that you challenged the class – both physically and mentally – to analyze how a simple magic trick related back to the therapeutic interventions addressing multiple patient goals: cognitive, motor, and psychosocial.
Nancy Reger, PT MHS (NJ)

I almost didn’t attend your course because I thought it was going to be another “hokey” presentation. BOY WAS I WRONG! You have created something really special, and the fact that this approach is evidence-based excites me beyond belief. I am a hand therapist with over 25 years experience working with patients. I’ve attended hundreds of continuing ed courses, taught many continuing ed courses myself, taught at several universities, written for therapy text books / professional journals, chaired professional associations and regulatory boards and NOTHING has excited me more than this concept of using magic as a treatment tool. I’ve never been so interested in a treatment approach in all my years of practice.
Dr. Christine M. Wietlisbach, OTD, OTR/L, CHT, MPA | Eisenhower Medical Center (CA)

Kevin is amazing! He received rave reviews from our attendees. They were THRILLED with his professionalism, glowing personality, wonderful-awesomeness!! And the inspiring presentation you provided as our Keynote. Magic was definitely in the air as both of your workshops were packed with participants!
Amy Dubach, Executive Director (KS) | Kansas Occupational Therapy Association

I thought that your class and the keynote speech were the most valuable things that I took away from the conference. You are one of the most interesting and intriguing speakers I have ever met and I find your work inspirational! Thank you for all you do for occupational therapy!
Max Zweig, OTR/L (CA)

I wanted to say thank you for sharing your wonderful and magical work with California OT’s. You inspired us all to see how thinking outside of the box can become a powerful and healing endeavor. Thank you for that.

Celso Delgado, Jr., OTD, OTR/L (CA)