About Research

Magic Therapy continues to collaborate on several research projects around the world. If you or your institution would be interested in conducting a research project in a specific area so that we can further document the therapeutic effectiveness of this approach, please contact our office by email (


Magic & Healthcare Research Summary 2019
When Occupational Therapy and Magic Collide
Development and Validation of the HFMPES
Evaluation of a Magic Camp for Children with Hemiparesis
Giving New Meaning to the Term ‘Healing Arts’
A Magic Therapy Program to Alleviate Anxiety in Pediatric Inpatients 2018
Psychometric Investigation of an Evaluation Tool 2017
Application of Magic in Healthcare 2013
Sleight of Hand: Magic, Therapy, and Motor Performance
Themed Approach to HABIT for Children with Hemiplegia 2012
Role Magic Tricks Play in Improving Self-Esteem 2007
Use of Magic: Creative Means of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Magic and Acquired Brain Injury 2006
The Tricks of Illusion as Intervention 2005
Treatment for Preoperative Anxiety in Children using Magic
Magic and Acquired Brain Injury
Magic And Child Psychology
Magic & Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy
Magic And Mental Illness
Magic And Psychosocial Intervention
The Kid Whisperer
PT In Motion (Publication of the American Physical Therapy Association)


Journal for Learning Through the Arts
Magic in the ELL Classroom
Journal of the International Association for Special Education


British Journal of Occupational Therapy
Journal of Educational Evaluation for Health Professions
Journal of Hand Therapy


Magic at the Mattie Kelly (autism)
Magic & Disability
Journal of Hand Therapy