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Instructor CV

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Kevin Spencer is widely considered the leading authority on the therapeutic use of magic tricks in rehabilitation. He is the founder of the Healing of Magic and has conducted workshops around the world. His work has been featured in numerous healthcare journals and he has collaborated on several award-winning international research projects exploring the benefits of magic tricks in physical and psychosocial rehabilitation. You can download the Instructor’s CV here (PDF).

Workshop Information Flyer

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Course Outline

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The HEALING OF MAGIC workshop empowers the therapist with a valuable new tool to motivate their clients to become more involved in their treatment. The workshop is a “hands-on, interactive learning experience.”

The applications of HEALING OF MAGIC address the entire spectrum to include developmental disabilities, mental health, physical disabilities, gerontology, and specific disease related deficits. The movements required to learn simple magic tricks help clients regain lost physical skills while increasing motivational levels and self esteem. In this form of therapy, a magic trick can be what leads a patient back to a functional life. You can download the 3-Hour Course Outline here, and you can download the 6-Hour Course Outline here.

Course Objectives and Learning Outcomes

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Learning outcomes are evidenced through large and small group discussions and the ability to demonstrate and evaluate the activities that are taught during the workshop. The course objective is to provide therapists with an understanding and working knowledge of the benefits of magic tricks in client treatment. For specific course objectives and learning outcomes, please download the PDF.

Registration Information

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Course Evaluation Form

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All learners are required to complete and submit a Course Evaluation Form in order to meet the successful completion requirements. You can download a sample of the Course Evaluation Form here (PDF).